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Color Mixer

Color Mixer

Color Mixer


Color science has always been difficult for students to grasp. Many flat out refuse to believe that white light is actually composed of all the colors. It's hard to blame them, as this does seem counter-intuitve. How can something as pure as the color white be made up of multitudes of other colors?

In the past, color mixers were very expensive, or cheap but flimsy. Not any more!

Composed of 1/8" steel and using 6 high quality LEDs, our Color Mixer is every bit as robust as other versions. A small LCD screen displays the exact percentage of red, green, or blue light you are shining. Add in 3 projection screens, and you have a world class unit.

You might expect all these features would have a high price tag, and with other models that's true. However, with our unit, color science is affordable for every school.

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