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Laboratory safety rules

A laboratory is a place where what you read in the text books can actually be felt. As conducting experiments is not the same as reading from a book, every care and precaution should be observed while working in a lab. Following the below mentioned safety rules can prevent a lot of accidents and mishaps. […]

Lab Equipment (Burettes and pipettes) – Making Science More Fun

Contrary to what many people believe, especially those who haven’t been in close association with it, science is a lot of fun. The most important thing that Science has taught us is that everything that happens has a logical explanation to it. In order to make us understand things better, laboratories and lab equipment have […]

How to make schools science laboratories safe

Science laboratories are an important part of schools and colleges. Science lab experiments provide a better understanding of the different concepts and theories of science to students. Science labs foster interest and make science interesting and fun for kids. But science laboratories are dangerous too. Even simple mistakes can lead to serious injuries and damages. […]

Buying microscopes for school science lab

Microscopes are practically useful science laboratory equipment. They are used widely in research laboratories, scientific labs, pathological laboratories, and school science laboratories. Microscopes are crucial for varied diagnostic applications. They provide high quality detail of the specimen under study. The specimen can include flowers, insects, grass, vegetables, fruit skins, and many other things. Microscopes come […]

Essential Features to Look For While Buying A Human Anatomy Model

Human anatomy models are mostly preferred by schools and colleges so that an idea about various human organs can be rendered to the students. Anatomy models of each and every part of the body are available in various shapes and sizes and can be easily found online. While buying a particular anatomy model, there are […]

A Science Lab Kit for Your Child – Making Science a Fun Activity

You often come across a number of textbooks and reading materials about Science on bookstore shelves and libraries. But, these verbose resources are not very much preferred by school kids as reading about Science in textbooks can be quite dull no matter how informative these reading resources are. A number of studies have proved that […]

10 Science Lab Safety Rules For Kids

Science experiments are vital for kids. They are useful in understanding the theories and concepts of science that can not be comprehended alone by science text books. But science labs are risky by the very nature of chemicals and lab experiments that are being conducted out there. Here are 10 safety rules that should be […]

Paper Clip On Water: A Simple Science Experiment For Kids

Learning becomes fun and lot more effective with the help of science experiments. Here is one exciting science experiment that you can conduct at home or in school to make kids understand why and how paper clips float on water. For this science experiment, you would need paper clips, a bowl of water, tissue paper, […]

All About Cleaning and Maintaining Laboratory Glassware

Even the most carefully executed experiment can give erroneous results if dirty glassware is bought to use. If the glassware that is used for measuring liquids is contaminated with grease and other materials, it prevents the glass from being uniformly wetted. This in turn will affect the volume of liquid delivered and the amount of […]

Things You Need To Know About A Refractor Telescope

You may be having a refractor telescope in your schools science lab and you might have used it couple of times to teach astronomical facts to your students. Here are some interesting things that you should know about refractor telescopes and should share the same with your students. The first refractor telescope was invented by […]