Science Experiment Kits that Make Learning Fun!

Foras long as time itself, human beings have been fascinated with discovering thesecrets of the world around them. Fromthe ancients pondering where the sun went to every evening to modernastronomers seeking out life on distant planets, much of our history has beenone long quest to learn the hows and whys of existence itself. Men and women have been driven to explore thedeepest parts of the oceans, split the atom, create light, and clonelifeforms. And for all we haveaccomplished, there are still numerous puzzles and pathways yet to be tackledby the scientists of tomorrow.

Asfascinating as science is, however, it can often be an extremely difficulttopic for children to grasp and learn.Many of even the most basic concepts can be overwhelming if not handledright, and textbooks, while informative, are often dry and monotonous. Even brilliant educators can struggle tobring alive the wonder and magic ofevents such as the first moon landing or the invention of thetelephone. If this is the case in yourclassroom, never fear – let Science First lend a hand!

Our scienceexperiment kits have been designed specifically for use by kids who are just beginning to learnabout the various branches and facets of the discipline. They serve as effective learning toolsbecause they incorporate two important factors.First, each kit conveys its subject in a fun and enjoyable manner thatyounger students will love. Don’t besurprised if you catch yourself working with them long after class has letout! And unlike material or lesson plansthat convey principles in a stand-alone way, our kits show kids how science canbe applied to everyday life. Childrenwon’t just hear or read about various laws or experiments – they will beinvolved in hands-on demonstrations that simulate what’s to be learned. Moreover, each set has been put throughrigorous testing to ensure that it is effective as well as safe.

Ourselection of science experiment kits is hard to beat as well. Whether you teach anatomy, biology,chemistry, physics or earth and space science, we have you covered. From building a strand of DNA or diagraming aplant cell to studying cloud activity and mapping the constellations, we’ve got a kit for you.

Soif you’ve been wondering how to ignite the spark in a student’s eye, look nofurther. We have fun and effectivelearning down to a science!